Company profile

Space holding is an investment firm established by a team of promoters with extensive experience and proven track record in enhancing the shareholder value of public and privately-owned companies.

Space Holding is an investment firm founded in 2013 by experienced professionals in the investment banking, private equity and corporate law industries, with the goal of supporting the development of Italian high-growth potential companies willing to open their capital through a listing in the short/medium term.


Space Holding focuses on italian companies– international leader in their rispective sector, with global presence or ambition with a strong competitive positioning among their peers – and aims at designing and executing transactions with the ambition of accellerate their growth prospects and supporting their journey towards the capital market, always granting the alignment of interests among its investors, the entrepreneurs and the Space Team.

Attracting investments from some of the most important family of the Italian entrepreneurial context – either directly or through family offices – and from high-profile Italian and foreign institutional investors, Space Holding in the last four years promoted four SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) regulated by Italian law and listed on MIV segment (Market for Investment Vehicles) of Borsa Italiana (Space, Space2, Space3 and Space4), investing approximately 1 billion Euro:



  • June 2015: completion of the business combination between Space – the first ever Italian law SPAC listed on MIV – with F.I.L.A. S.p.A., a leading manufacturer of products for the creative industry;
  • April 2017: Space2 completes the business combination with Avio S.p.A., leading player in the space propulsion sector applied to space launchers, missils and satellites;
  • Dicember 2017: business combination between Space3 – resulting from a demerger of Space2 - and Aquafil S.p.A., leading manufacturer of synthetic fibers and pioneer of the circular economy thanks to its brand ECONYL®, focused on the rigeneration of nylon
  • August 2018: Space4 finalises the business combination with Guala Closures S.p.A., world leader in the production and commercialisation of closures for the wine&spirits industry


The four companies resulting from the business combinations with the SPACs promoted by Space Holding, today are listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana with a combined market capitalisation of approximately 2 billion Euro.

Moreover, Space Holding allocates part of the capital gains made from past transactions to private capital investments, such as RedSeed Ventures – venture capital – and Test Industry – italian company active in the manufacturing of industrial testing machineries.